Friday, July 15, 2011

Lake Bums...

That's what we were for 10 days....  We camped at the lake for a total of 9 nights for the week of the 4th of July.... We had the best time ever.... We slept late, had late breakfast (my favorite).  We spent our days out on the lake- floating on rafts, cruising around the lake.  We grilled on the boat several nights, even had pizza delivered to the Marina one night--Baylie's favorite, watched fireworks from the boat. Had a camp fire one or two nights, played lots of Phase10 and scrabble--we're very competitive when it comes to playing games.  Me and Kent enjoyed 'happy hour' as we like to call it most evenings while preapring to grill.  Baylie helped cook breakfast one morning which was a first--sausage on the griddle was his speciality-Kent took care of the pancakes.  He's really gotten into helping and we think it's great.  Camping is fun but it is alot of work and the more that you share the work the better it is for everyone.  My two boys fished a few nights from the boat, while I read and had wine.  No fish fry though...  Lol  We also met some fellow campers across from us that cooked us a great Dutch Oven dinner one night, Marvell and Gary--they were great--had alot of fun talking to them around a campfire.  We plan to stay in touch with them. 

It was a great week--something that we plan to make a tradition...  Britnie, my daughter came up for a few days and stayed.  She and her brother watched a movie one night in the camper and made smores.  Makes my heart feel good any time I get to see the two spend time together..  Now that she is older and works, she doesn't camp as much but I love it when she comes up.  The other two kids were not able to make it...  It's really quite a show when we have all four at the lake--which is not very often.  Three of the 4 are basically grown so mostly it's just the 12 year old that camps with us these days.  He's a great camper and loves to help.

Camping is a big part of our Summer--'our second home' and we love it.  I thrive in the Summer.  I love all things Summer--you rarely hear me complain about the heat or humidity in my case, since we live in AR.  We plan to Fall camp some this year--which we've never really done....  Really looking forward to the cool air, cooking over a open fire and going for some hikes.  Will be much different than Summer camping but we think it will be alot of fun and look forward to the new experience.

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