Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Part 2

What fun we've had with this Garden....   The Sunflowers did great at first--but then got to heavy and starting falling over...I've got to read up to see how to prevent that next year.  The cherry tomatoes did great--although we will plant the tomatoes in a different location next year--they were on a slope and don't get as much as they need therfore, the big tomoatoes are not really producing.  Corn was a blow-out--not sure we'll try it again. And the beans--we basically only got enough for like 1 meal before they were done...  Not sure what the deal was with them either...  But the squash and zuchinni has really taken off...  They were huge when we got back from the lake.  We've been grilling them and yes even fried them once...  Lots and lots bananna peppers.  I love it... It's so fun to check on the garden and get to pick veggies for dinner...  There are several things we will do different next year--I also want to expand my herbs next year.  We need to have our soil tested next year--we were a little too anxious this year so we didn't take the time. The weeding--not so fun......

I also did a section of wildflower seeds righ outside our bedroom window...  I think I should have planted a different type as it gets more shade than I thought--it's taken awhile for them to really bloom.  But I've always liked wildflowers!  And daisy's they're a fav of mine!

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Jolie said...

I like your little garden, it looks about the same size as mine. I always have problems with tomatoes, this year my cherry tomatoes did really good, so maybe I will stick to those instead of the regular ones. Last year I planted sunflowers that got abt 3 feet high and they did really well. I got a lot of banana peppers,too. Those grow so well!

Thanks for posting on my blog! :)