Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden Part 1

So, We have been planning this for a few months.  We've spent a few nights all cuddled up w/ our Notebook--drawing out the Garden Plan, listing what we plan to plant.  Just making a plan in general....  We've got alot to do this first time.... We've got to rent a sod cutter to cut the sod away (we will transplant that to other areas that didn't do so well last year).  We are borrowing a tiller from a friend until we hope to come across a good deal on one... :)  Always on the look-out for a good deal!  We def have our work cut our for us--but we are so excited.  Kent grew up having a garden, his parents farmed and they always had a garden.  But neither of us have had one as an adult....  So, this should be fun....  We know this will be trial and error this year as I'm sure we have alot to learn....  We have Big Plans for this Garden... We haven't planted one thing and I've already bought some canning jars at an estate sale in hopes of canning some.  How funny is that.....??  I even ordered a used book from Amazon 'Gardening in the South'. Oh and I've discovered what compost is so added to the Garden Plan is a compost Bin--want be much help this year--but wil be next  year.  Kent has gotten the biggest kick out of me-- He says he's slowly converting me to his 'country girl' even though we live right smack in  the City and a Subdivision at that--not by his choice at all I might add....

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