Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13.1 Miles

Me and Kent ran our first Marathon on Sunday, March 6th here in Little Rock.  Race day was really cold and quiet windy downtown. We did the 1/2 which  is 13.1 miles.  Back in 2007, I did the whole marathon which is 26.2 and Kent did the 1/2.  So, it was fun to finally do one and run together...  I have to admit, we didn't really train for this one--so it was really tough on us and our time was not what it could have been.  Kent's time would have been much better had he not stayed with me but we decided to stay together for this one and man was I glad.  I was not mentally prepared for this race so I was so glad to have him at my side the entire time.  It was def a challenge and I'm so glad we were able to do it....   The day before we had a big pasta lunch at Olive Garden with our youngest son in order to load up on some carbs.   After the race, we stopped and got some take-out on our way home..  Took a long shower and went upstairs  to what we call  'our nest' and crashed and watched movies for 6 hours straight trying to recover all the while asking each other " And why did we do that"?? The next two days we could barely walk but by Wednesday we were back to normal...

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