Friday, July 15, 2011

HOT TUB Splurge_Early Anniversary

So, Big Splurge of the Year.....  It was February...  We have always said we would love to have a Hot Tub.  When we built our house about 18 months ago--we planned on getting one.  Had the electrical wired for it and everything.  Then one day, we decide to go 'check them out'... Well, that put things into perspective... We left knowing that would not be something we would be doing day 1 with the new House and just planned on one of these years maybe getting one...  Fast forward.....  One Friday, I had to work and Kent was off....  He called me and told me he had stopped at a Yard Sale in our neighborhood -This is funny--because he never stops without me.  He proceeds to tell me that the House is for Sale and they have a Hot Tub that they are selling--I'm like and....??  Lol  Later that day I decide to stop at the sale just to see if he over looked something that I might need want.  Well, one thing leads to another, and we go out back to check out this Hot Tub.  It was just what we had wanted--matter of fact even nicer.  It was practically brand new and fully loaded.  We thought about it over night--went back and forth alot--but knew that this was probably our best chance of getting once as we got a really good deal on it!  We were so excited once we finally made the decision..  But of course, one thing led to another and we decided to rather than just stick it out back on a platform in the yard to have pavers installed.  Normally, we would do this ourselves, but the Hot Tub had to be moved ASAP--since the house was for sale.  So we had to hire someone and then it decided to snow--not once not twice but like 3 times in Arkansas.  Never do we get SNOW--We get ICE.  So, it took us a few weeks longer to get it....  And we are so glad that we did....  Kent has been building a ledge to go around it that will hold tropical Plants for privacy and drinks.  Later we plan to make a Arbour over the top and extend out the pavers so that we can have a better place for seating around the firepit.  We spend alot of time outback so we will definetly enjoy!  It was not something that we had planned on--but sometimes those are the best times....

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