Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap..

This past week-end was a busy one....  On Friday,  We Kent put in a much needed french drain in our flower bed --had a problem with rain water seeping into garage (it was a builder flaw).  Needless to say, it's done!  It's been on the project list for over a year, while he was at it--he added a sprinkler head to the front yard--we had a dead spot last year where water was not reaching it.

Saturday, he finished up the drain, with Baylie's help--that kid is always such a big help.  Since, I'm down in my back, I stayed in and cleaned and caught up on spme spray paint projects....  Lol  Later on that evening, with a couple's help that we just met that runs a thrift/really cool store we totally rearranged the house and we LOVE it..  It was the craziest thing ever, they came over to give me some advice/tips on possible painting our bedroom furniture--which by the way--Julie totally vetoed! Ha  Within an hour or so she had helped me with 3 different rooms--major transformation.  It was too fun!  Afterwards, we ended up meeting them for dinner and the best part they are super cool and plan to meet up again soon!

By Sunday, we were exhausted, but had a few things that still needed to be done and our oldest son's b-day was Sunday.  So, we cooked a big steak dinner for him.  He's 25,  and like his Dad in so many ways...  He's so laid back, really atheltic, but very competitive...  He's a great guy--on the journey of figuring ths thing out tht we call 'life'.  He has a great personality and we love spending time with him!

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