Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend Plans

So, glad its Thursday, cause that's really our Friday....

Thursday- Date Nite, after work we are headed to have Sushi and happy hour. Can't wait... Luv hanging w my husband, it's the best part of our week!

Friday- we are getting a new camper-- pretty exciting. We have decided to trade ours in for one that better fits our needs.. A little sad, kinda like selling ur first house-- lots of memories.. But we're super excited, we've been looking/ debating since last year.
Then, it's grilling hamburgers and playing Phase 10 w/ Baylie. He's been kicking our butt at Scrabble!

Saturday- probably errands and maybe diving into our bedroom project. No plans for the evening just yet-- that depends on if and how far we get on the bedroom.

Sunday- Church, cooking and relaxing w/ the family...

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