Monday, October 18, 2010

Nikon Surprise.... Riding thru the Moutains = Great Week-end

So, I've been really, really wanting a 'big girl' camera for sometime now.... And I guess I've hinted or whined (maybe both) long enough that my husband got me one.  I was totally taken back...  I got it on Friday..  We had the best day ever...  We had breakfast--went to a few yard sales, bought a few mums and then went home and hopped on the bike.. Hit a local dairy bar for lunch and then drove to Little Rock...  I couldn't believe it--I was actually getting it and for No real reason other than he says he couldn't wait for my B-day Dec 19/Christmas. Can I just say I love love love it!!!!  And him I love him!

Sat, I helped a friend with her Yard Sale and watched the HOGS play!  

Sunday, Me and Kent started out at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and rode up to Mt. Magazine w/ camera in tow on the motorcycle.  Stopped a few times--had Sonic for lunch and cruised back thru Petit Jean Mt--weather was nice--stopped at a few Flea Markets--took a few pictures of some Deer and an old Barn.  Had a great time...  Will post pics laters...  Still trying to figure out how to do that..:)


Stacy said...

What a wonderful weekend for a ride! Was thankful for the Help with the yard sale..wheewww :O)

Donnie said...

That's great about your camera but I loved hearing about your travels that day. Sounds like you all had fun.